St. Johnsbury, Vermont – A City Known For Its Architectural Homes

St. Johnsbury is a famous town known for its history, culture, and entertainment. The central historical district stretches from the campus of St. Johnsbury Academy to the beautiful homes surrounding Arnold Park. There are a few churches in between in addition to many exciting homes known for its magnificent architecture.  The Main Street is quite a popular one as it hosts St. Johnsbury Pet Parade and at the same time, people like me enjoys the beauty of the Victorian heritage irrespective of the season.

Catamount Arts

The city is home to many great venues that connect to the arts even today. The sites come together to ally with culture and arts. Catamount Arts is the best place for cultural and entertainment purpose. There is a separate international film entertainment inside the Masonic temple. This is one of the most prominent art galleries, and I enjoy the concerts and the coffee house here every Friday.

Fairbanks Museum & Planetarium

I am an animal lover, and I recommend this planetarium as you find animals, fossils, gems, and artifacts. There are collections of habitat displays which are worth a glance. The planetarium is open on all days and suitable for people of all age groups including children.

Dog Mountain

This is one of the best venues as it’s on a scenic hillside with some clean walking trails. There is an art gallery related to dogs and the Dog Chapel. Pets here with or without lash are most welcome, and they can enjoy the fresh air and beauty. The gallery has a wide range of quality dogs one can choose from if you wish to take them on a walk. The Dog Chapel cannot be matched with any other places in St. Johnsbury, and it’s worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.