Plano: My Experience with Plano

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Plano city is located in the Northern part of Texas. I have been to most of the city in Texas and like each of them. Plano came in my list recently and I went there with my family. My experience with the city is nice, we stayed there for a week and still wasn’t able to cover all the famous spots in the city. Here are the places I liked most in Plano.

I started my city tour visiting the famous Heritage Farmstead Museum. The museum was restored during 19th-century farm having original furniture and tools. It has a replica of 1895 schoolroom. My children loved this place.

The next spot that caught our interest was the Interurban Railway Museum. We saw here the history of Electric Railway of Texas and also took a ride on a vintage rail car. According to me, this place is perfect for children as my children enjoyed this museum as well.

The locals of Plano told us about Oak Point Park and when I Google this place, I find it interesting and so on our third day in the city we visited this park. This is a huge park spread in an area of 800 acres. We enjoyed the trail here, it has 5 miles soft trail that gives a wonderful feeling when you walk on it. You get a lot of relaxing time here, along with fresh air.   

Southfork Ranch, we have heard about this so much that we couldn’t stop yourself visiting the spot. We visited this place on the 5th day. It is wonderful and will have a wonderful time here with friends and family. I would say no one should miss this spot when visiting Plano.

The other places we were are Cavanaugh flight museum, a dark house haunted house, North Park, Dog Park, Russel Creek Park, spring creek nature area.