Lethbridge: A Trip You Will Never Forget

Lately, I took a trip to Lethbridge, a commercial center of Southern Alberta and have been there for more years. It is home to a diverse population of about 100,000. Firstly, I went to a Japanese Garden which is like the oasis in the middle of the city. It was first created in 1967 during Canada’s Centennial. It gives a good insight into the traditions and designs of Japanese Culture and is also the home to various tea parties and events. We then parked our car and explored various shops and boutiques cafes in downtown.  We grabbed something to eat light at the Stoketown Café and Cure. After that, we headed to the Drunken, a boutique which has a unique feel. We also had a glimpse Art Gallery that offered some knowledge about the exhibits and also had an art shop. Further, we took a break by relaxing and playing games at the Board Gamarie.

We then visited the High Level Bridge which is known to be one of the longest bridges in the world as well as the highest. One can also have a great sight from the museum. We explored the river valley and then headed to play golf on the course. We also did go-kart there. Further, we visited The University of Art Gallery of Lethbridge, which has a lot of exhibits and a great collection. We saw plenty of Canadian works such as unique art from people like Bill Reid, globe trot and other works by people like Matisse and Picasso. Also, the Art Gallery is home to some amazing exhibits.

We then went to the Tap House, which is a comfortable and an eclectic pub in a historical building. It offers an international menu along with a lot of local flavor.