Kingston Upon Hull: Visit This Maritime City

This Maritime city is located on the northern banks of the Humber and is famous for being an important harbor for the North Sea. This city is famous for its cultural background and was also named as the city of culture in the UK for the year 2017. Do note that you might not find a lot of cathedrals in this place, but surely, the place has so much that is worth visiting this for. Let us have a look at the top attractions that this place boasts of:

  • The first place I visited was the Hull Maritime Museum because I wanted to get the dose of the rich history of the seas of the city. The museum portrays the same through paintings, statues and a collection of objects and the sheer number and intricate information provided by them did not disappoint me at all.
  • The next place I visited was the Historic High Street, which is also the birthplace of William Wilberforce. This great person is known for his dedicated efforts towards eliminating slavery and opposing it’s throughout. His place of birth has now been converted to a museum.
  • If you are looking for a dose in geography, then perhaps you have to head to the East Riding Museum. This one traces the place and region to the specific areas of centuries and millenniums ago, and it contains a lot of collections from the Roman eras as well as artifacts that belong to the Anglo- Saxon people. Once you have visited this, you can also visit the Transport Museum, where you can cite a number of historic vintage cars and royal vehicles.

This place is worthy of a visit. You can definitely spend two good days here to cover everything.