Heidelberg – The Most Romantic City In Germany

Although there are many places in southwest Germany that can offer you a fun-filled holiday, you wouldn’t find another place like Heidelberg.  Located on the banks of the river Neckar, Heidelberg is home to one of the oldest universities in the world. The settlement and culture of the city have always been associated with its educational institutions. And this has earned it the title of “the oldest university town” of Germany. Some of the most memorable days of my Germany tour were spent in Heidelberg and here I would like to share my reviews on a few sites in the city.

  • Heidelberg Castle

Castles are always an exciting place to explore, but Heidelberg Castle is an entirely magical place. The origin of the castle dates back to 1214. The castle that was struck twice by lightning has been restored and rebuilt a few times.  Over the centuries, the castle has withstood the test of time and has beautifully survived to tell the tales of a glorious past.

  • Philosophers’ Way

To relish the entire beauty of Heidelberg, you should look from the hilltop of the Philosophers’ Way. The views are stunning and can keep you captivated for hours. The hiking trail that runs along the river Neckar is adorned with flowering plants, shrubs, and trees. There is a garden on the way from where you can enjoy the panoramic view of the Heidelberg castle.

  • Karl Theodor Old Bridge

The famous Old Bridge (as it is popularly known) is the landmark of the city. Your Heidelberg tour cannot be complete without a stroll across this historic bridge which was built in the year 1788. Since 13th century many bridges were built on the site, but they were damaged over time. The Old Bridge offers an amazing view of the Neckar River. I had a great time crossing the bridge and taking pictures all the way.